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(no subject) [Mar. 31st, 2006|12:52 pm]
Listening to some capdown has put me in the best mood so im going to update my live journal! Mainly because ive ran out of other stuff to do so this is my only option.....

So since my last post I left sadako, then tucker did and the band decided to call it a day. We have one more show on the 6th May if George gets better in time. We decided to split mid tour, but we still had an amazing time on tour. The band are like family and the storys I could tell... So now im band free for a bit, Ive started up a small project with my friend Ravi but im not sure how thats gonna sound or how well its going to work yet. I may join a completly diffrent style band as well, somthing for the summer maybe? I dunno.

Ive been having a great time being with Holly, I just want it to be summer again so theres stuff to do! St Albans is so dull in the winter/cold. Im also hoping to drive asap so I can get to some more varied shows...Im a bit stuck here with horn shows only once a month that appeal to me and then its bands ive seen :P and the pioneer is just so depressing when you get a bit older! So if i can drive i can goto the st albans shows i like as well as shows elsewhere :D

hmmm I dunno what else there is to update on...I have a new bass but no one on my friends list will care about that :P Hope your all ok?
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(no subject) [Nov. 21st, 2005|01:24 am]
SO yeah, another update...amazing hey? Bassically havent done much. Im really getting dissapointed in my band....organization is poor and ive just been less and less happy. Need to pray the new songs are really good and more all of our thing or it could be the end. This means il get a part time job and learn to drive cos the band is taking up money i do have and all time that i could be working :P

I got a new tattoo, Carter did it (singer from Gallows) and its pretty amazing if I say so myself. Ignore the scabby pic..these ones are from when it was just done, will obviously be a million times better when healed:

Like ant good art ideas I want people to make up there own meaning to the image. I had my own ideas when it was done but love Jon (sadako guitars) idea that thekey is life goals/happiness and that its always just out of reach.

Anyways nothing to report
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(no subject) [Oct. 15th, 2005|01:48 am]
Its been ages since I used this thing! Im going to add people to friends list and make an effort now tho…ive promised this to myself!

Not much has gone on with me recently, The bands going well! Always makes me happy, we are now signed to STA (shave the area) Records and will have a 8 track MCD out feb/march 2006. Its going to be looking something like this track wise:

Farewell to flesh MCD

1. A Treasure By Any Other Name
3. The House Always Wins (rerecorded)
5. The Lights Go Out, She Screams
6. Murder Scene Kodak Moments
8. Suspiria

The guitar song is just one guitar playing something a bit special. Kinda like track 7 on the new eden maine CD I guess…loads of bands have done it but we fell a mid CD break will be needed after the new songs have been added. I truly cant wait to get this sorted and just tour and tour.

We are hopefully going to be on a few bigger tours, watch this space for news on that. For current dates just hit up www.myspace.com/sadako

Sorry about all that! Band is kinda my life at the moment, but I cant forget awesome Holly! This girls to good for words so I wont even start to explain how im feeling. Ive been down and she puts up with my shit and still stands by me, fucking angel on earth!

Arghhh X mas soon! No job at moment means il have to get so much work doing carpentry with grandad for presents. It sucks working outside in the winter but my family are my everything and they deserve all I can give them back for being there. I don’t know what I want for x mas yet  I NEED a bass but on the other hand I haven’t had a tattoo since like last march? Maybe even the year before…so I may have to get new ink instead. Heres a wack picture of my last ink up:

(yeh I look like a gay porn star!)

Piercing wise I think im done, im happy rolling on 14’s with the double eyebrow and nape. I was contemplating a double nape but I don’t see the point…maybe I just need some diamond tunnels to look bling bling?

Yeah I cha shit, yeah you proberly all ignored this post but im trying! Laters all.
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